Jeffries Office
412 Hanson Road North

Wingfield Site via Hanson Road North

Along Hanson Rd North

Follow Hanson Road North from Grand Junction Road, over Cormack Road. You will see this sign for Wingfield Waste and Recycling Centre. Jeffries is located within this centre.

Stay in left lane

Move into the far left lane when approaching the
lights. Do not turn left as this will take you onto the Port River Express Way to Port Adelaide.

Over the lights

Stay in the left lane at the lights and go straight
through the intersection. Do not turn right, this will take you onto the Express Way and a long way until
you can turn around.

Down hill through the gates

Follow Hanson Road North down the hill through and
the gates until you get to the ARR weighbridge.

Line up at middle lane

Enter the middle General Public lane of the weigh-bridge. Only one vehicle allowed at a time. Please wait behind the boom gate for the vehicle in front to exit before entering.

Turn right

At the window please tell the weighbridge staff that you are here for Jeffries. Once you have exited the weighbridge turn right. Look out for trucks.

Past Amcor

Continue past the Amcor building on your right.

Turn right at the Jeffries entrance

Turn right onto the dirt road at the Head Office sign.

Follow this track

Follow the track that runs next to the green shed. Parking is available behind this shed on your left. Report to reception when you arrive.

Turn Left

Turn left, behind the green shed for parking.


Parking is available in this area

If you have trouble finding us
please call our friendly customer
service desk on
8368 3555